Turn up.


Yesterday, I told myself ‘you are all grown now. No, you mustn’t worry about tomorrow.‘ And so, I heeded. I tried to act like it was just gon be a normal day like every other one… but it wouldn’t skip my mind- the essence of that tomorrow of yesterday that is today. Friends called, texted, and whined… family lent their gifts, and although I remember vividly I had been the one to make sure to sing to their ears some one week before now that my birthday was coming up at so- so date, it warmed my heart.

And now, that tomorrow of yesterday is here. It’s today. My birthday. And much as I would have loved not to talk or muse or write about it, its overwhelming ambience ovefills me. I am thankful.

Today, I carry myself with Grace for that’s what the Almighty has gifted me with. I move around with so much love in my heart, for that’s how much my darling friends and family ‘ve shown me. I am grateful.

It’s a new year, and a new day, but ‘ve got my same smile on because I know it gets brighter with the reality of each day.

It’s 2103 babbie, let’s celebrate! #turnup #Godwin


© The Short Black Girl, 2015.


6 thoughts on “Turn up.

  1. I join a long line of a blog whose address I went looking for 🙂

    Gifted lady gracing up, maturing and going to new places… On this day, we seek the graces of the heaven to lead you on even as you put smiles on our faces. Find peace and contentment as you grow on… Flow, flow, flow in every facet and don’t lie low… The blessings will come, no matter how slow. In every triumph, challenge, fall, celebration or otherwise, we dey your back. You full ground and we kari God bless you plenty. You be better pikin.


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