So this bit came on some two years back but I stumbled upon it again, and it gladdened my heart (again!!!). Thanks once again Teddy love. And I am glad the blog is still up and running. Keep the passion strong as ever! 🙂


Hello Beautiful people, how are you doing? I believe well hmm? Yeah. Beautiful day, beautiful people, beautiful world….. Isn’t God just amazing? Of course he is that’s why we’ve got to always, always give him that Praise. As you know, in my first note which is “Welcome to me”, I said I was going to give you more information about me, uhmm, not really more about me but you know… So let’s talk about “What inspired me to start a blog”. I know you’re quite interested in that right? Well.. Uhm.. I don’t know how I’m gonna start this but you know, I’ve got to start somewhere. Writing has been a passion, it’s something I’ve always loved. You know back then in high school, I had this book I was working on (though stuffs happened and I couldn’t complete it) but it was a great piece. Well, I had to…

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