#WittyWednesday- ‘Checking out’.


It’s become a norm for guys to check ladies out, whether alone, in the midst of friends, or in the company of their girlfriends. Infact, recently, I read some dude’s note on LIB which read ‘your man cannot be cured of checking chics. He can be cured of chasing them but not checking them out.’... and ‘m like, really?

I don’t know why guys do it, and why we can’t take it away from them, but I think it is disrespectful and selfish of them. Agreed, you’ll always find a girl that’s more beautiful, better, more curvaceous and all-round attractive than your babe, but it’s her ability to make you love her that makes her different and accords her the exclusive right over your mind, thoughts, emotions, balls and even your eyes and maybe the very air you breathe. Really, though.

I mean, there are tons of handsome TBD’s I see on a daily; same with every other lady out there and I cannot imagine that our guys will be fine knowing about or seeing us check these dudes out too, whether alone, with girlfriends or in their very presence. You know, no strings attached; just food for the eyes? 😀


Really dudes, y’all gotta get your acts together. At the very least, for her sake, keep that business out of her face. You don’t wanna tempt the ladies to launch defense mode o. Remember, what a man can do, a woman can do better! 😉 😀




© The Short Black Girl, 2015.


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