Fe- Buhari.


Just some days back, it was pure election talk. Fe-Buhari this, Jona that, and it seemed like even the ladies forgot to indulge in their own usual valentine preparations and campaigns. And now, elections have been postponed, messing up plans that had hitherto been pushed forward and causing an urgent need to call on those ones that had previously been left to rot e.g Valentine. Choi!!

It’s just sad. Valentine talks aside, lots of other important personal events have been reshuffled time and time again to contain the possible side effects of the election period, only to have them throw that effort back in the face of the citizens with a rather unnecessary postponement. How much more preparations can they possibly make in six weeks?

Well, maybe it’s a good thing they postponed it. At least it will afford everyone a peaceful Valentine celebration. And it’s so damn nice it falls on a Saturday, no? That way, nobody gets to spoil the single lady’s day with all the talks about what her boyfriend did for her, and the attached lady can just pretty much have the un diluted fun she’s entitled to. Yayy #GODWIN. Which brings me to this…

Always, it’s been about what the lady gets from the guy during Valentine (even though, that’s not the intended purpose of the celebration), do ladies make any effort to do something for their men on that day too? It’s bad culture and custom that most of us in this part of the world take gifts to be a man’s sole responsibility. Truth is this, exchanging gifts (especially when they are least expected) go a long way to strengthen relationships. If you’re a lady and you love your guy, plan something nice for him! Surprise him, and encourage him to be even more generous with his gifts. And as a guy, don’t wait for Valentines or birthdays or anniversaries before you get her gifts, do it often!

That said, love shouldn’t be stashed up for show only on Valentines and Anniversaries. Show it everyday, nurture it everyday. Share gifts, speak kind words, appreciate each other and encourage each other. Practice love everyday, and get better at being your lovers lover. So that when every other person is looking to arouse love only on special days like Valentine, you’ll merely be re touching yours at the seams. 😉

In the spirit of Valentine, to those who have found love, I pray you nurture and keep it alive! And to those who ‘re still waiting and searching, I hope the wait is worth your while!

Happy Vals in advance people.


© The Short Black Girl, 2015.


4 thoughts on “Fe- Buhari.

  1. I like this! I have always wondered why the pressure is on the guys. is it guys that show love only? do the woman not love? if they do, and they say a woman loves even more, why then do they not show it on this special day to celebrate love?
    and yes love should be shown all day long, all year long but they are amplified on special days…

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  2. You know what’s funny? Once I offered to give the guy a treat on Valentine’s. He said it was his responsibility and I should just chill, relax and enjoy.
    What does one make of this?

    Even the guys want the ladies to ‘chop their money’. I guess I’ll never really understand.

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    1. Loool! Different folks, different strokes eh?

      I guess this is the thing tweenie, if the relationship is still at the wooing stage, where the dude knows he’s gotta really prove his worth in all respects, financial wise inclusive, it’s understandable and expected even. It is not what must be, but it gives the guy an edge because we all knows ladies love gifts and treats.

      However, if the relationship is an on-going one, it is just better when there’s an exchange of gifts rather than a one- sided give/ take thing. Gifts are a sign of one’s love, commitment, and appreciation for having that special someone by one’s side.

      Just my thoughts though.

      In btwn, I am so glad to have you on here! :*


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