Why Single Ladies Love Married Men!!!

Why do single women date married men? Find outfrom them.

The Rebel Stranger


When a girl is going out with a married man it is safe to assume it’s because of the financial luxury she gets to enjoy. Usually the married men are old, about double the girl’s age and are dubbed the Shugar daddies. They have sex date the girls in exchange for supporting a lifestyle they cannot afford for themselves. These days though, it’s not about the money. Okay maybe it has a little to do with the money, but money is not really the core of why a single lady will attach herself to an already attached person. There seem to be an extra something about a married man or even a man in a committed relationship that’s so appealing to some single ladies especially with the era of Shugar daddies giving way for the Shugar brothers/uncles, as a high number of relatively young married men having the opportunity to…

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