Men lie or nah?

Interesting post. Y’all might wanna read up, and share your thoughts. In between, I absolutely think men lie. :p

The Rebel Stranger


Why Won’t She Just Believe…?

“So do you want me to tell you the truth or what you want to hear?” asked an exasperated John after his wife had nagged him on the same issue of who had given him the new gold wrist-watch that had now suddenly become an inseparable part of him.

“You are just going to lie anyway, you have been lying about this watch since I first asked you” replied Ada, his wife very hotly. “First, you said it was your office that gave you as a gift for being such a diligent staff but remember what you told me last night when I asked you the price, you said I should ask your boss! Your boss who is a female! John, you are sleeping with your boss, why will a woman buy you this kind of expensive wrist-watch except both of you are lovers?”


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8 thoughts on “Men lie or nah?

  1. Hello “Me”, with the hope that you get to see this.

    Many letters typed and deleted, many thoughts on how to sound about right so things won’t get awkward.

    I hope I get to say this right. Can we be friends?


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