Help a brother!

Fest of all, Shakara is nur good. All ye ladies, plix stopeet.

Okay so, here’s SOMEONE’S ORDEAL What’s ur opinion?

Look to you

“I was in this BRT bus, when she got in.

I said, ‘Hi good day’.She just looked at me and did not reply.

‘I am greeting you’ I said.

‘And so what?’ she retorted.

As the bus moved, I offered her ipereke (plantain chips) and she hissed at me, then I quietly be myself.

When we got to Obalende, she alighted before me with her big handbag, looking beautiful I must confess.

Shortly, I heard a ping sound of a blackberry and when I looked around, I sighted a BB Z10 between the seats with her beautiful face on the screen.

Quickly, I stopped, picked a bike and rushed back to the junction where she had dropped and luckily I saw her entering a fastfood joint then I humbly called her ‘hello… hello…’

She stopped and looked back.

When she saw me, she shook her head and in disgust she said,

‘Look at how stupid you are, so becos of a girl you stopped where u are not supposed to stop, Idiiiiiot!’

She went inside not knowing that I came to give her her phone.

What will you do if you are in my shoes, I still have the phone with me.”

So people, really, Wetin you go do?
© The Short Black Girl, 2015.

10 thoughts on “Help a brother!

  1. Jajahahajajahaha… Uhmm, I would love to hold on to it until she cries her eyes out over several calls but hey, to what end? I would just shake my head in stoic disbelief at her stupidity and naivety and drop the fairly used phone on the hard asphalt… Stare hard and long as her jaws drop and walk off with my gracious gait… *wheew*

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    1. It’s what I think I might do too, because I imagine the sheer look of embarrassment she would have on her face after I must have done that, would be sure to pay my mind its due for the humiliation she dealt me earlier.

      Like you said, I think people like that aren’t really worth the drama.

      Thanks for stopping by Dr! 🙂


    1. While it may be hard to take the right, easy and seemingly foolish path, I think it’s just the safest thing to do. Giving her and walking away.

      About why some ladies are rude in this context, I think it’s just because of the preconceived idea that more often than not, what comes after an hello or hi from the opposite sex in a public transport is a lot of lame and unsolicited talk that can leave you exhausted and irritated at the end of the journey. Despite that though, it’s a bad habit and there is no justification for it. We can surely do better!

      Thanks for stopping by doc.


  2. I agree with you Dr. Topaz. I think it’s why we need to give everyone a benefit of doubt, for we never know how much a stranger can be to us until we give them a chance. Besides that, first impression goes a long way. What if that stranger you just dished off attitude to is the boss you meet at the interview panel tomorrow?

    It just always pays to be our very best the much we can. Thanks doc.


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