Wednesdays are my favourite. It starts out with a fine breezy morning, the sky a brilliant dark shade as I bow in Humility before my Invisibly Visible God for a quick prayer. The water is calm, lukewarm, just for me. So I don’t have to bother with the water kettle lest I run late for my AM classes. I smile to the bathroom with song after song pouring effortlessly from my tongue; Mr Heady, my own personal inward Disk Jokey humouring me. The scrub, wash, brush and flush is seamless. Everything agrees with me on Wednesdays.

I take my time to rub on some moisturizer, feeling my supple skin beneath my fingers. I brush my long black hair and leave it to fall down my shoulders in that way that lets the breeze caress it every now and every then. I wear my best underwear today too, the blue flowery net laced panties and its blue matching bra. I don my well pressed sleeveless flared black gown, the one that stops just above my knee, wound a red muffler round my neck and drape my red jacket and black boots on. It’s Jos and it’s cold, so it’s weather perfect even though ‘m dressed to impress. Wednesdays are my best. I smear my lips with a touch of red lipstick, and spare my face some brown powder and eyeliner. I blush. I know I look stunning, it’s Wednesday.

I am eager about class. It’s a large noisy setting. The usual. Wounded chairs, unsteady tables, broken windows and a mass of people trying too hard to fit in… And then, there’s him– the best part of my day. I pick my seat. The one by the window-side at the left extreme end of the class. It’s because that’s where I have the best view of him. He is due in 10, 9, 8… I smell him already. His signature cologne- Hugo Boss. I concentrate on it as the smell draws him closer to me. Finally at the last second, he’s there. Settled in, three seats away with his friends. Together, they are called SLEEK. Soon after, the lecturer walks in but I don’t notice until a student launches for a seat beside me before he gets the chance to shut the door to ward untimely students away. Beyond a flinch, I can spare no further emotion as I return my focus to the subject of the day. Him.

The class is over in what seems like a minute, but I don’t care. I don’t mind. The sky is a brilliant golden scorch now but its mild breeze kisses the tip of my hair every now and every then. And as I pack up my books together into my bag, I am filled with glee for what I have learnt today. It’s more than all of the pythagoras theorem and almighty formula in the world. Yes. It’s something more fun, more timeless than all of that gibberish the lecturer must have churned out while I was learning, un-learning and re-learning him. It’s how he throws his head back in graceful might when he is about to let out his sing-song laughter at something one of his friends must have said. Classic.

The day runs through after this but I don’t mind still. And as I settle in bed at night, staring right at the white round magic that lurches somewhere just above the tree outside my window, the moon, I keep my smile on for what seems to stretch into eternity. I have learnt something, and committed it to memory and when next I think to laugh, I know I’ll throw my head back in that graceful way as he does. For he is my teacher, and all I crave is to be his best student. Maybe then, he’ll notice me…


© The Short Black Girl, 2015.


18 thoughts on “Him.

  1. QUIZ – that’s something that will wake you from that Sleek Trance..#tongueOut..or maybe not…!!

    BTW. I actually saw the first two paragraphs come to live in my mind. Good Job as Usual, ME…

    Oh. And Wednesdays are my best days too, starting this week. Nah. No crush to lust after.. My timetable says I’m free..yaaay!!!.


    1. Lool. It’s funny how our thoughts sync. There’s this other story where the main character is free on Wednesdays too. Haha.

      Guess there’s just something about Wednesdays after all.

      Thanks for your comments Sheedart! They make my day. 🙂

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  2. And as I hurriedly took my sit beside this dark sylph, not even the huffing and puffing lecturer in front of me mattered. All that filled my head, mind and subconscious was her finely chiselled face and pointed nose. She was staring at something or someone a yard away, but I didn’t care… For the first time, the shy, reserved me ogled this gracious being with a new found pride and confidence.

    If only she lowered her gaze, if only she looked at me sitted just right next to her, for just a moment… Maybe she would have noticed how much I adored her. Matter of fact, I still do… I’m just not in the habit of waiting for someone waiting for something else.


    Hey, you gotta love net-laced flowery panties… I know I do! BTW, ripping them off is so awesome. #okbye

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      1. Ah ahn. Mr Dokita! Lool. Sexual harassment bawo? What happened to just plain innocent crush eh?

        I have my lawyer o. Heheh

        Thanks for stopping by.


    1. Ah. I love this. Your addition has reminded me of the very typical but sad way of life where you find people loving people who love people that love other people. Some maddening cycle, and it’s just a few that get lucky to find love in people with whom they can feel loved in return.

      Thanks for your comment Heedriz. Maybe in the next class, we’ll see to the mismatch. Lool.

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    1. I know that feeling doc. We just need to realise that if people won’t love us willingly as we are, whole and apart, within and without; they won’t love us anyway still, when we put a charade or a show on just for them. Plus it’s easier to deal with oblivion than outright rejection.

      Everyone can’t love us. It’s just the sad truth we must learn if we’ll move on.

      Thanks for your comment Doc.


  3. Hehe, I sincerely hope it doesn’t qualify as “SH” Mr. Topazo. 😀
    No harm intended…

    I tell you Dam, it’s a crazy, vicious cycle. But hey, it’s so much fun. *crazy*
    I don’t know why anyone would think someone else would wait for them while they go on a jolly old folly. Nba, not me and my kind.

    Heads up, I’ve turned to my other side. Don’t bother looking for me in the next class, cos I’ll be sitting pretty beside Sheedart, blowing her mind away… 😉

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    1. Bwahahahah… Something just led my spirit back to this post…

      Ehen..#clapsHand So this is how you use to sneak off to sit with ME when I’m not in class ehn. You are even serenading her with your ‘if only’ prose ehn and now that she’s not looking your way, you remember friend zoned sheedart.. No way dude.. I’m just gon’ start answering that SLEEK dude that’s been eyeing moi. #mtchew…

      Hehe. Nice prose btw depearl… I can only hope to emulate you sir..#wink.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Loool! See Drama. ‘m loving this @ Depearl and Sheedart. The cycle is complete. Do we do a re- match? Or keep grappling blindly in this cycle?

    You guys are awesome. You’ve given more life to my story.

    In btw, @Sheedart, take yo’ eyes off me ‘project’. :p

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  5. ……..Lovely…you have loads of what I can go to Pluto on a quest for…IMAGERY!!…Wounded chairs……And as I settle in bed at night, staring right at the white round magic that lurches somewhere just above the tree outside my window, the moon….PHEW…

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    1. Oh my. You visited? ‘m honoured and timid at the same time. When fine writers like yourself come over to read my mushy rants, I just ‘scout for refuge.’ Lool.

      Thanks for stopping by Dr.


      1. When a literary empress and A queen of imagery saunters across your space, you would sin against the universe if you dont reciprocate the respect…no biggie, just paid homage…

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Lool Ife! You do well by yourself and you know this.

      I am humbled to have you take out time today to check my blog.

      ‘ve sure missed your comments! Thank you. 🙂


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