Hey Folks!

Happy new year folks! Yeah, I know… I know, it’s the 8th of January already, bhet oh well, happy new year still! 😀

So I have a mantra for every month of the year and I’ll like to share with you. Err, it’s a little incomplete though, so I could use your suggestions on the bit.


January: Joyful January

February: Fulfilling February.

March: Magic March.

April: Amazing April

May: Marvellous May

June: Jubilee June

July: Jubilee July

August: Astounding August

September: Serene September

October: Overwhelming (Original, Joy- October)

November: Nostalgic November

December: Delightful December

We’ll see there’s a bit of an hitch in June, July and October. Any suggestions for me? Plus, maybe you got your own mantras for the months of the year, do share, we might love yours better! 😀


© The Short Black Girl, 2015.


2 thoughts on “Hey Folks!

    1. How come I never thought of the ‘jolly’ good word. Oh my. You’re a god- sent Amity. Lool! I love the word, really… and it makes even more perfect fit than jubilee.

      Thanks! :*


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