When I Love Someone

The Fickle Heartbeat


Shared by Katie Wilhelm

When I love someone, there’s no questioning it.

It’s not always evident on social media, but rather obvious when you look me in the eyes. You can see the twinkle of love, glistening with childlike wonder somewhere in the ocean of deep blue.

When I love someone, the world ceases to exist while I am in their presence. All that I see are the stars that light up their soul and all that I hear are the angels that sing in my heart. I am paralyzed by the radiance they exude.

When I love someone, it’s beautifully simple. I don’t engage in silly mind games or indulge in petty arguments. And even under the unfortunate circumstance in which a disagreement is sparked, my heart is too much filled with overwhelming admiration and adoration to let it affect me for long.

When I love someone, I…

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