December Note: Reflections, THE WOMEN.

I promised I was gonna do this in bits, and here’s the second part. Among the very awesome women that made my 2014 stand out, the very first that comes to mind over and over will be AMITY.

1. AMITY: She is an embodiment of awesomeness. I call her my god- sister in my head, but she’s more. She’s a friend, an e-mother, a motivator, an inspiration, and every good thing that can possibly come to mind. I met her on a BBM group through a friend, and through all of this time, she’s been a much needed blessing in my life. For all the times you kept me in mind, spoke kind words to me, got angry because I wasn’t the best I could be, prayed for me, lent an advice or two, understood the phases I was passing through, forgave me over and over again, I say GOD BLESS YOU AMITY. Words can’t describe how wonderful I feel having you as a friend, bhet I can swear it’s a beautiful feeling. Thank you for everyday. Thank you for speaking sunshine into my life. Thank you for making me feel good about what I do. Thank you for being my friend.

2. MAMA (MARGARET): I am not sure she’ll ever get to see this, but if she does, ALOHA MAMA! I met MAMA during my NYSC days. She makes one hell of a homely and lovable woman. There were times we disagreed on certain things and went days without talking, but in the end I would learn one or two beautiful lessons. She was a blessing in disguise. And for every thing you taught me MAMA, and everytime you thought well of me and did good for me, I say GOD BLESS YOU and KEEP YOU! Thank you.

3. LAWAL RODIAT (AKANKE): She’s not the typical kind of girlfriend that promises you chatty times at first sight, but a minute with her gets you cracked up. She’s an awesome lady, that would lecture you on just about anything from Finance to Business to Sports to Politics to Music or even Fashion and have you hanging your mouth wide open at how one person can be that versatile. She condoned me, and accepted me without reason; and went ahead to make my last few months @ Jos memorable, and for that I wanna appreciate you girl. For all the times you brought laughter into my life, I wish you immense happiness and good cheer!

4. ZAYTA KAMAL: This awesome lady I met on NAIJA STORIES made sure to keep in touch through my service year and that thoroughly warmed my heart. For that unexpected call on that night (I forget what day of the week it was), and the many times you hollered to drop a warm thought, I say GOD BLESS YOU. I feel honoured that you have me in mind, it means a whole lot.

There are many more people to appreciate but as I drop my pen today at this Juncture yet again, to all of you, I say THANK YOU for 2014. GOD BLESS YOU.


© The Short Black Girl, 2014.


2 thoughts on “December Note: Reflections, THE WOMEN.

  1. Wow! 😊
    I will surely love to meet these women too.😆
    I am sure you aren’t referring to my Amity😊

    You are far too kind and the accolades seem too much for her humble self.

    Thanks a million sunshine. 😘😘

    I bless God for bring you my way.
    I have learned so much from you.
    You truly made my 2014 sparkle.

    We did have our off time but it was for the best.
    I do pray ours wax stronger still.
    Thank you so much.

    Liked by 1 person

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