I have decided to reach within,
Beyond my doubts, fears, worries and mind- breaks,
To that place of essence,
Where nothing matters but the grace of every moment,
I’ve decided to breathe,
Inhale and exhale, one breath a time,
And relish the beauty of nature, and life..

No, I won’t be sad,
I’ll kiss the break of dawn with a ready smile,
And Take in the brilliant sunshine with joy in my eyes,
I’ll go back in time, to when I was a little child,
Laugh at my naivety, and embrace the person I’ve become with pride,
I won’t tend to the unanswered questions, the ‘why’s’, ‘when’s’, ‘what’s’,
I’ll just smile at my ignorance and be glad for what is despite of what was,

I’ll leave sentiments behind,
Receive every gesture with warmth and respond in kind,
I’ll let my guards down, maybe a tad bit,
Just so I can feel what it’s like to not hold back a thing,
I’ll laugh at my friends, and with them,
I’ll give strangers a benefit of doubt, just so we may become friends,
I’ll love openly, hug boldly, kiss deeply,
I won’t mind what who’s saying, darn it, it’s the 21st century!

I’ll move on with purpose,
Stand for what I believe in, and believe in what I know,
I’ll trust God, and love humanity,
I’ll give my love and time with no ounce of regret, or chance for self-pity,
I’ll be positive, and be my best,
And if anyone asks why? And why today?
I’ll say because it’s a freaking new day and there ain’t ever gonna be nothing like it again!


© The Short Black Girl, 2014.


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