Sweet Poison

I miss you,
The width of your smile,
The warmth of your breath,
I miss you sorely,
I miss the person you make me.

In the light of the morning sunshine,
When I toss seamlessly in my bed.
In search of the sordid strength I am so certain your body would provide,
It dawns suddenly, like a cast of shadow on a space of light,
You are gone, and so is every comfort that accompanies your brilliant essence.

I miss your every detail, contour and scar,
I miss the way your presence always stole away my calm,
I miss your charming eyes,
The serene allure your every gaze held,
I miss the gliding of your lips against mine,
And the amazing truth you would always tell.

In truth, your love feels good,
Honest, thorough, devout and true,
But it’s too much poison, that it kills me too quick, too fast,
Still, here I am at this point,
Wanting more of you, my most dangerous desire yet.

You are my weakness,
And sadly too, my strength,
So that the more I want you gone,
The more I want you here!
I hate you so bad, you can’t begin to understand,
But I love you just as much too, it’s driving me mad!

You rid me of any sense,
Reasoning, or strength of will,
Yet even if it’s last thing I ever do,
I’ll love you still,
And if loving you this way is the wrongest thing to do,
Let the world know I don’t wanna be right with you!



4 thoughts on “Sweet Poison

    1. Heheh. Thanks.

      @ your question, omg, I don’t know mhan. One would expect expired stuff to be dangerous to the health (that’s negative); but poison in itself expired or not is dangerous, so when it gets expired, using the maths theory of negative x negative, I think it’s safe to say it becomes less potent (positive) bhet what do I know? Loool!

      Thanks for stopping by Sheedart.


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