He would walk up to me,
With such graceful smile,
He would spread out his arms,
And I would be lost in the depth of his warmth..

He would look at me,
Every now, and every then,
His eyes heavy with love and immense care, so keen,
And I would lose myself in the depths of the truth within..

He would smile,
Oh some chocolate- yummy kind of smile,
Flashing his dimples; some deep, darn gorgeous sight,
And I would stare at them, wondering how those became mine..

He would laugh,
So softly, yet energetic,
And the classic tune of it,
My heart will dance to, with so much glee and mirth..

Oh boy,
What is this you do to me?
I can’t tell, but it’s so damn great, you see,
Say we do this again, everytime, everyday,
And we’ll see where it takes us,
The alter, or memory lane..

So maybe some people already know it but I’ll say it again for the umpteenth time maybe, I so much love DIMPLES. And so, in my online search for an apt picture for this poem for some ‘le boo’, I found this old article and I was waohed. In as much as I love them depth pools, will I be willing to go through this to get one? Hell NUR! I don’t know about you though. #okbye

PS: To the future le boo, make sure you come along with pretty sized ones of yours. Hehe.


© The Short Black Girl, 2014.


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