A note to Marvin.

You know sometimes this feeling overwhelms me,
It kicks,
And Turns,
And I wanna cry,
Cry again,
And set myself free..

Oh these words,
These words reeling in the pit of my thoughts,
I wanna let them loose,
Go on, come out,
Wanna set you free,
Maybe then you’d leave me be..

My thoughts,
Are pregnant with words,
Praise, and
I want to sing a song of praise to my one and only God,
I want to write a love song for my future love..


My thoughts ‘re in a turmoil,
These words have refused to come forth,
My muse is gone,
Leaving me in a battle,
Best fought by two or more..

I can’t do it alone,
Even heaven knows so,
But hopeful,
Marvin, I know someday you’d return home..

I need to deliver these words,
I dream of their shiny eyes every night,
Looking up to me with their tiny voices screaming ‘mama’,

Oh Marvin,
I see these words growing to touch,
And change lives,
Don’t let this dream die..

Ah, this pain,
It’s familiar,
Yes, I’ve felt it before..
But this one is new,
Cos the words,
are a little more than a few,
In my mind,
And my head,
These words are tickling my cool..

My thoughts are pregnant,
with words,
Of praise,
And Love,
And maybe some other things,
Like faith,
And trust,
It is time to PUSH!
Marvin, where on God’s earth are you?

Are you somewhere around,
Or you’ve gone to never again come back?

I will do it alone without you!
Yes, my faith will help me through!
And I will PUSH!
And PUSH again,
And the words would come forth,
In the comfort of my thoughts..
I will smile,
Because without you, I survived..
And I will smile again,
Because my heart is big enough,
To forgive you over and over again..

Now I have made this note long,
Cos I haven’t had the time to make it short,
but hopeful,
Will you be here to birth these words?


© The Short Black Girl, 2014.


4 thoughts on “A note to Marvin.

  1. Awww😢
    I thought Marvin came back for good the other time
    Take it from me sunshine
    You are the Marvin
    You are doing so well without him.
    It’s just your mindset you see
    You have concocted beautiful pieces without him…
    Ride on sunshine.
    You are superb with or without him.
    Don’t get it twisted
    * hugs*

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sometimes our greatest fears lies in our head. We think it, and it is. We stop thinking it, and it ceases. We are what we say we are, and will never grow past it until we correct our thoughts…

      So yeah, ‘m sunshine enough without Marvin. But maybe together, we can make a rainbow.

      Thanks so much Amity, for all the kind words and mild nudges just so you are certain I keep trying at this art. God bless you in everything you do.

      *big smile, and warm hug*


  2. Wow. Marvin is lucky to have had you. His loss that he isn’t in the labour room… Even without him, ur labour scream is beautiful and i bet u gon give birth to some awesome WORDS……err#metaphor???crazy??


  3. Hehe. Yeah well, metaphor.

    The way it works, there’s a muse that’s supposed to consummate you and sow in you a seed of inspiration, after that even, he’s expected to hang around through the whole process; bhet in this case Marvin travels and is not back even as the delivery date nears, so the character in question has to write him some note to know what’s going on cos she misses him and wants baby daddy to be there when babe’s being delivered. Lool.

    Thanks for stopping by. 😀


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