POPping the space!

So the day is finally here. After all of the anticipation, and eagerness, we’re here. It’s official. The NYSC Batch C ’13 corp members are passing out today! What can I say really? ‘M lost for words. It’s been an overwhelmingly insightful one year, and ‘m so glad I was a part of the exercise.

‘First of all’, Thank You God!

Way before I even left the University, I had had misconceptions about the youth service programme. Many people had said too many things that left very little for me to anticipate, but after being through it all, I can only say it is never what everyone thinks or tells you, it is only always how you take what you see, and use what you have. The service year is as you define it. It is your own to possess, explore, and design. Yes, most definitely, there’s the God factor. So maybe I should rephrase that, if you believe and pray steadfastly, the service year becomes as much as you will it to and even more! For me, I found myself, albeit just a little. I lived by myself, for myself, without the scrutiny of Mr and Mrs who’s, without fear of what who would say, and it made me just appreciate myself a little more. Yes, there were bad days; yes, I broke down severally and cried my heart out; but in the end, I grew.

Only thing now is, while some would think all of this is a wrap, I think I know it is only just the beginning. For me, for us. With this phase gone, comes the assumption of responsibilities; the urgent need to grow and become your own man and your own woman; the need to know; the need to see beyond the lines, and think outside the box. We are here now, at this threshold, the ‘world’ has given to us and is now expecting from us. Can we meet up? Can we keep up? It does feel like a challenge, and a scary one at that. But with this fear, comes excitement. We did it! Despite all odds, we did!

So putting a hole into the worrisome thoughts about a future that’s not until the next second, I say a big congratulations to all of us! And a big thank you to all those people that made my year wholesome just by being there- my parents (Ma and Pa Alli, may God bless you real good!), my siblings (Strata, Malli and Mr Anderson! Y’all are awesome fa), my friends at home and abroad, my godbrother (Su’eddie Vershima Agema), my lodge mates, my darling roommate (Akanke for nick! :D), my CDS village members (Atinuke and Nakeebah, sweet darlings), my MCAN friends, my UJ and PLASU students, the dept of Accounting at UJ, and the lots of others I can’t mention for the sake of space and attention span! May the Almighty bless you all immensely.

Once again, it’s a wrap, it’s official, and it’s on. The 2013 corp members are so onto the next level!



© The Short Black Girl, 2014.


10 thoughts on “POPping the space!

  1. Emi ni Village kopa abi…… ({}). Lovely my dear, there’s no better way to describe d past yr. My prayer is that we look back in d nxt 10 yrs n above n r all beta dan we r now following d pattern God has prepared for us. Love u loads dear…. mwah!

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  2. Moi village Corper..anyweiz we thank God for the successful journey..Barakallahu Fihi… We meet to path and we path to meet… May we meet in peace In Sha Allah and not in pieces… Will miss you much darling… Love u much…muahhh


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