It’s cold outside. My heart is shivering in my chest. My heart? Oh! I just wish that little thing wasn’t there to make me aware of all these feelings. These days, #waje’s I wish I didn’t have a heart seems to be the perfect lullaby to put me to sleep. But it’s going to be alright, won’t it? It will be, I believe. And until then, I’ll stand albeit in pain, but with style; with faith, although tinged with a little pint of doubt. We’re survivors, so till that day when the rainbow stains the sky, we’ll live as though unbroken.


I may get hurt,
Cheated, abused and cut,
I may feel helpless,
Because my voice is drowned out in fear,
I may shudder, as I lay sprawled in the icy comfort of my own tears,
But I’ll not be shattered,
I’ll rise, unbroken!

The road may be long,
Concocted with daring twists and turns,
I may grow weary in my feet,
So that soon, I sink to my knees,
I may tire,
Curse fate, and blame destiny without reprieve,
But I’ll rise still, refreshed and unbroken!

Love may fail,
So bad that I swear to never feel again,
I may grow impatient of listening to promises,
Too flimsy and mere to believe,
I may hold back from love,
So all you see in my eyes now is a stone- cold glare,
But I’ll never cower, I’ll move on unbroken!

People may come and go,
Too quickly, I fear I will always be alone,
And I may shut my eyes so tight,
That I don’t even see when a stranger spares me a smile,
But I’ll not waver even when my soul screams for release,
No, I will not, because I will always stand unbroken.



© The Short Black Girl, 2013.


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